Leticia Paschetta

Ludic Artist, Architect, Designer.

My childhood was a time between the immense verticality of the Andes Mountains and the plains of the Argentine pampas, exploring tree branches, scrap yards or spinning with my body wrapped between curtains of fabrics… I loved to play. I was extremely curious and enthusiastic about very diverse subjects: art, science, astronomy, biology, to build, writing, inventing… I always felt the need to link as many things as possible to create unexpected situations within the infinite extent of the imagination.

I first thought about the concept of “ludic landscapes” in my architecture thesis, inspired by the need to create spaces of freedom that stimulate movement; and feeling passionate about the possibilities of innovation in structural design. These ideas would permeate my entire production of art, design and architecture.

My first professional experience was focused on architecture, continuing my studies in Navarra (Spain) and then collaborating with an international firm in Bilbao.When the first of my three little girls was born, I felt it was important to be in a place and time of introspection. I established my own studio in Argentina, a small “tree house”, surrounded by a hanging garden of orchids.

From there, the production of ludic landscapes became more and more challenging, searching other modes of communication, through spatial experiences capable of modifying our perception and exploring the possibility of changing the way we live, dream, play and feel.

My productions include different scales: installation, video art, sculpture, small models and architecture, combining spatial experiences with rigorous structural design, creating invention patents and innovative developments. In my workspace, textiles, models and stitching moulds coexist with complex structural analysis software. I feel as if my great-grandmother, who taught me how to knit, is sitting at the same table with great engineers from of the construction history discussing ideas with their experience. That is something I find fascinating!

Leticia Paschetta. Educated in Argentine and Spain. Designer of the German company Richter Spielgeräte. Her artworks were exhibited in Chicago, São Paulo and Athens (postponed Chicago Athenaeum Museum), Barcelona (Disenny Hub), Bilbao (Azkuna Zentroa) and Argentine (CCK, CCVM, MAR, Macro Castagnino Museum, MARQ, Latin-American and International Biennials). She has received distinctions and awards in Barcelona (Invitation to create the Argentine Pavilion), European Union (AL Invest program success story) and Argentine (National Fund for the Arts Award, Good Design Award, and Castagnino National Art Prize). She has received grants in Spain, Argentine  (Latin American grant MDA, Di Tella) and Italy (Politecnico di Milano). She is a university researcher and lecturer in structural design, director of undergraduate and postgraduate theses and a member of the jury for the Latin American Innovation Rally.


2002. Architect. Argentine

2003-05. Design Master. Navarra, Spain

2007. Superior Architect. Valladolid, Spain


Professor and Researcher of Structural Systems at the Architecture Faculty and Materials and Processes at the Industrial Design Faculty. Argentine

Professor of the Postgraduate Specialization in School Architecture. University UNL. Argentina

Director and jury for undergraduate and graduate theses in Design and Architecture. Jury of the Latin American Rally of Innovation and advisor to the Cabinet of Entrepreneurial Projects of the UNL. Argentina

Prizes, grant and awards

2022. Selected to represent Argentina Exhibiting at the London Design Festival, UK

2019. BCD invitation to represent Argentine International Pavilion. Barcelona, Spain

2019. 2015. 2014. 2013. 2012. Nomination Work of the Year. Archdaily. Mexico and Chile

2018. Architecture Award, National Fund for the Arts Work “Tree House”. Argentine

2018. More Competitive Entrepreneurship Scholarship and Innovation Capital Forum. Argentine

2018. Success Story AL Invest 5.0 Program of the European Union

2017/13. Good Design Award 2017 Identity System and 2013 Artwork. Argentine

2016. Grant from the National Fund for Creative Development. Argentine

2015. Expressive Grant. Incubator of Cultural Projects Program. Argentine

2013. Castagnino-Macro National Exhibition Award. Artwork from the Art and Design Permanent Collection. Argentine

2013. Grant for High Training in Horeca Design. Consorzio del Politecnico di Milano. Italy

2010. 1st Prize on private competition of work spaces project. Argentine

2006. Creativity Prize. Competition Park of Art and Science. Argentine

2004. Di Tella Latin American Grant for Master’s Degree in Architectural Design. Spain

2001. 1st Prize Cultural Centre. Artistic Landscape Competition. Argentine.


2022. London Design Festival, UK

2020. Radical House World Exposition. (Reprogramed). Chicago Athenaeum Europe. Curated by Apostolos Syrivlis. Greece, Brazil, USA

2020. Bilbao Azkuna Zentroa. Installation White Lanscape,140m². Spain

2020. Hello Wood. Installation, 85m². Argentine

2019. Disseny Hub Barcelona. Ludic Installation at the International Pavillion, 160m². Spain

2019. International Architecture Biennial of Buenos Aires. Work “Tree House”. Argentine

2018. Kasimanwa Official Selection Video-Art. Philippines

2017. CCVM Old Market Cultural Complex. Red Landscape Installation, 700m². Argentine

2016. International Architecture Biennial. Work. Argentine

2015. SJDC Visual Arts Museum. Models. Argentine

2014. Latin American Architecture Biennial. Argentine

2014. CCK Cultural Centre. Installation Nest. Argentine  

2013. Macro Castagnino Museum Permanent Collection. Installation Bubble. Argentine

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2011. Complejo Cultural La Redonda. Installation Round Hammocks 500m². Argentine

2011. 9th São Paulo Architecture Biennial. Workphotographs. Brazil

2010. The Cultural Factory. Installation 250m².

2001. Cultural Centre. Art Installation Interface. Argentine.



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2018. 4th Contemporary Art Meeting “Art, Design and Social Transformation”, Argentine


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